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Mack TerraPro Series

Dependable trucks that deliver

The cabover, Mack® TerraPro® is the latest in a long line of superior trucks engineered for the vocational and refuse industries. Mack TerraPro trucks are rugged and highly reliable, eliminating downtime while delivering maximum comfort and functionality to keep drivers happy and productive.

The TerraPro Series outperforms the competition because it is loaded with Mack advantages.

  • The largest cab door openings in the industry
  • Our industry-leading Mack work brake safely speeds up curbside pickups
  • A catalyzed exhaust after-treatment system

TerraPro trucks feature the power and fuel efficiency of Mack MP® Engines.



Mack TerraPro

The TerraPro is a top seller in the refuse and construction industries for a reason. It’s a tough and versatile beast of burden, built to handle whatever job comes its way.


Durability & Reliability

Mack TerraPro

TerraPro models are designed without compromise to take on even on the toughest jobs. The Mack chassis is built for toughness, The legendary MP® engines,Ergonomic controls.



Mack TerraPro

The TerraPro® trucks are designed to maximize efficiency in tough stop-and-go driving. Natural gas power and Mack®’s clean MP® diesel engines can reduce your emissions and cut your fuel costs without sacrificing any of the power or torque you expect from a Mack truck.



Mack TerraPro

The MP® Engine Series is the heartbeat of the Mack® TerraPro®. These fuel-efficient engines deliver horsepower plus low-end torque. The MaxiCruise® engine performs best in on- and off-road applications, while the Maxidyne® engine provides power for high-performance severe-duty conditions, especially in off-road applications.



Concrete Construction

Mack TerraPro

Mack®’s chassis and cab packaging are best for concrete pumping and concrete conveyor belt configurations for big-time construction jobs.


Municipal Applications

Mack TerraPro

Whatever task your infrastructure demands, these trucks are right at home on the jobsite.


Front Loader Refuse

Mack TerraPro

TerraPro excels in front-loading for residential and commercial applications.


Rear Loader Refuse

Mack TerraPro

Perfect for on-the-go jobs, TerraPro models have the maneuverability for rear loader work.


Side Loader Refuse

Mack TerraPro

The versatile TerraPro models are ideal for curbside pickup and any other side loading applications.


Natural Gas Power

Mack TerraPro

TerraPro’s natural gas engines are tough on the job and easy on the environment.