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TransEdge Truck Centers – Privacy Policy

TransEdge Truck Centers, an authorized distributor for Mack Trucks, Inc., Volvo Trucks, UD, and Mitsubishi Trucks respects your privacy and will not distribute, sell or otherwise use personal information provided to us by visitors to this Internet web site. Information is solely for the use of TransEdge Truck Centers All correspondence sent from this web site complies with federal requirements for privacy. To be removed from the TransEdge Truck Centers E-mailing list, reply to the E-mail message with the word “remove” in the subject line. As with any E-mail message sent via the Internet, if information is being transmitted via a visitor’s E-mail client software in a ‘non-secure’ environment, it is subject to the possibility of interception. TransEdge Truck Centers has no control over and cannot be held liable for such acts by outside parties.

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The information on this web site is updated often and is accurate as of the last publication. Mack Trucks, Inc. reserves the right to make changes in specifications, equipment or design, or to discontinue certain models or options without notice at any time. Warranty terms and services may vary in certain countries. Some of the equipment shown or described on this web site may be available at an extra cost through retail organizations and establishments not associated with Mack Trucks, Inc.